Established in 1994, the owner of Beauty Science, Lillian Nathanael, first entered the beauty industry in 1987, gaining experience in salons before teaching for five years at the Melbourne College of Hair & Beauty.

Having completed training in areas of Skincare, Dermal Therapies, Cosmetic Tattooing and Cosmetic Nursing, Lillian’s aim is to provide specialised services fusing together the best of both beauty and medical treatments.

Not being a franchise allows Beauty Science the advantage of offering personalised services; that aren’t generic and that allow the qualified beauty therapists the opportunity to continually evolve our client’s beauty and treatment plans. Quality products, and medically approved devises, ensure results and safety.

Lillian trains all of her staff personally, to ensure they are ‘Beauty Science’ qualified.

“I built my business at a time when there was no digital world to bring client’s in, and so credibility, skill and character were, and still are, at the core of everything I do. Nothing replaces knowledge, experience, hard work, passion and a desire to do your best” 

Lillian Nathanael – Beauty Science